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The Center for Complex Quantum Systems
*Formerly The Ilya Prigogine Center for Studies in Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems
Faculty Members
Prof. Allan MacDonald, Director homepage
Prof. Linda Reichl, Co-Director homepage
Prof. James Chelikowsky homepage
Prof. Alex de Lozanne
Prof. Alex Demkov homepage
Prof. Daniel J. Heinzen homepage
Assoc. Prof. Keji Lai homepage
Prof. Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li homepage
Prof. John T. Markert homepage
Prof. Qian Niu homepage
Asst. Prof. Andrew Potter homepage
Prof. Mark Raizen homepage
Prof. Chih-Kang (Ken) Shih homepage
Prof. Maxim Tsoi homepage
Assoc. Prof. Zhen Yao
Other Research Personnel
Senior Research Scientist Dr. Tomio Petrosky, Reichl group homepage
Research Eng. Scientist Ass. Dr. Qiang Zhang, Shih group
Dr. Kyongmo An, Li group  
Dr. Liang Du, Fiete group
Dr. Xin Ma, Li group
Dr. Hua Chen, MacDonald group homepage
Dr. Dmitry Efimkin, MacDonald group homepage
Dr. Chao Lei, MacDonald group homepage
Dr. Timothy Lovorn, MacDonald group homepage
Dr. Massoud Masir, MacDonald group
Dr. Cong, Xiao group
Dr. Xiao Li, Niu group
Dr. Philipp Dumitrescu, Potter group
Dr. Yingyue Boretz, Reichl group
Dr. Fei Cheng, Shih group
Dr. Hyoungdo Nam, Shih group
Dr. Yutsung Tsai, Shih group
Dr. Siyuan Zhu, Shih group
Dr. Jinwei Shi, Li group
Dr. Zhi-Xin Guo, MacDonald group
Dr. Yuhong Huang, MacDonald group
Dr. Nicholas Leconte, MacDonald group  
Dr. Akihiko Sekine, MacDonald group  
Xian Zhang, MacDonald group  
Zhi Ping Niu, Niu group  
Dr. Hiroshi Hasegawa, Reichl group  
Dr. Kyungsun Nam, Reichl group
Administrative Staff
Michele Landfield  
Jane Ann Parker  
Graduate Students and Teaching Assistants
Xinzhou Tan, de Lozanne group  
Qi Chen, Fiete group  
Pontus Laurell, Fiete group  
Georgics Stamokosras, Fiete group  
Junho Choi, Li group  
Zhadong Chu, Li group  
Kai Hao, Li group  
Kevin Olsson, Li group  
Akshay Singh, Li group  
Kemal Sobotkiewich, Li group  
Liuyang Sun, Li group  
Kha Tran, Li group  
Lixiang Xu, Li group  
Gaurav Chaudhary, MacDonald group  
Lapas Panteleimon, MacDonald group  
John Tolsma, MacDonald group  
Ming Xie, MacDonald group  
Fei Xue, MacDonald group  
Jingjing Feng, Niu group  
Bangguo Xiong, Niu group  
Hailong Zhou, Niu group  
Maxwell Porter, Reichl group  
Yuxuan Chen, Shih group  
Matthew Dwyer, Shih group  
Madisen Holbrook, Shih group  
Alexander Johnson, Shih group  
Daniyar Saparov, Shih group  
Ping-Hsiang Su, Shih group  
Shida Shen, Tsoi group  
Morgan Williamson, Tsoi group  

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